Every day, thousands of people play a part in boosting Italy’s image worldwide, through their activities.


Who are the Italian Ambassadors?

The Italian Ambassador’s Community is the most exclusive community in the world reserved for Italy enthusiasts and those who, actively contribute in their daily lives to the worldwide positive exposure of the brand Italy.

The Italian Ambassadors are: entrepreneurs, artists, chefs, professionals from all sectors, or great Italy lovers (not necessarily Italian), who represent Italian excellence through their activities.

What makes Ambassadors stand out?

A certificate and the official badge are what distinguishes the Italian Ambassadors in the world, as well as being included in a “special community” and credited by name to the online directory of official ambassadors by “Visit Italy”.

How do I become an Italian Ambassador?

Complete the form and find out if you have the characteristics to become an ambassador. Generally it takes a few hours to evaluate an application and communicate the outcome by e-mail.

The registration fee of € 110, including the annual subscription to the community and the costs of shipping material, can only be paid if the outcome is positive.

“In the past, people were born royal. Nowadays, royalty comes from what you do”

Gianni Versace