Every day, thousands of people play a part in boosting Italy’s image worldwide, through their activities.

Visit Italy is the largest international community in the world today that is dedicated to promoting our country and Italian excellence.

This is a place where you will find people of many different nationalities, united in one goal: to share their passion for the “bel paese”.

Here you will find great opportunities to meet the locals, exchange advice or travel tips, and to chat about art, culture and incredible places to visit.

Who are the Italian Ambassadors?

Within our community, our Italian Ambassadors hold an important role – they are people of all nationalities who actively help us to market the Italian brand all over the world.

Our Italian Ambassadors include: business owners, artists, chefs, professionals in every field, or great lovers of Italy (not necessarily Italians) who work hard every day to boost the image of our country worldwide.

What makes Ambassadors stand out?

Our Italian Ambassadors take on the task of maintaining our high community standards, and it is thanks to their efforts that today Visit Italy is the biggest community of lovers of Italy in the world.

The advice given by an Italian Ambassador regarding the content we post, members to welcome or exclude, and development strategies is of fundamental importance to us and for the growth of our community.

Our Italian Ambassadors will be added to a special closed group from October 2018, which will be used to carry out polls and share ideas on how to develop our community.

A certificate and an official badge make our Italian Ambassadors stand out all over the world, as well as having their names added to the online register of official ambassadors.

How do I become an Italian Ambassador?

Fill in the form to find out if you’ve got what we’re looking for in our Ambassadors. It usually takes us 5 days to screen an application and let you know the result by email. €67 covers your annual subscription to the community and delivery costs – you will only pay this if you are successful.

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